What is the real concept?

Welcome everyone to the largest world of internet. Do you know that today internet is not only the medium of gathering information but also an easy way of earning money from home. There are many online works available on internet which you can do sitting at home in part time.These online works are also available in India and among them most important are viewing Email Advertisement and online form filling work.

Let’s have a look on both kinds of works.




There are lots of Multinational Advertising Websites on internet which offers you several works and gives you a chance to earn money working from home.Here you will click their advertisements and stay there for 30-45 seconds, you will be paid by an amount of $0.25 for every advertisement you click and see. You will get paid Ads in your inbox directly and every Ad`s email will contain a advertiser’s websites link. You need to go through the links and stay there for minimum 30-45 seconds in order to be eligible for the payment.


Have a look bellow on the screen shots to understand how simple & easy task it is.

STEP 1 : first open your mail and check your inbox- you can see paid advertisements in your Email box

Online Work

Paid Advertisements


STEP 2   :  Open The Emails Where You Will Get The Link To Paid Advertisements

Online Jobs In India

Paid Advertisements


STEP 3   :  Once you click the link a new window will open and you need to browse it and stay there for 30-60 seconds.

Online Jobs

Easy Part Time Job


STEP 4   :  After staying 30-60 seconds your account will be credited with the amount which is associated with that paid advertisement.

Work from Home

Work Online


STEP 5   :  You can check your account anytime by login there with your selected username and password to see how much you have earned.
Online Jobs

Check Your Account Status Anytime





There are thousands of market research companies (Survey Companies) all over the world. Their main work is,doing online survey on behalf of the multinational companies. All the survey companies are looking for new people randomly who are willing to work with them by doing survey and collecting information. Big MNCs pay these survey companies a huge amount of money to conduct survey about their products and services.

These are companies like Coca Cola,Nike, Dell, Microsoft, and even McDonalds!

These companies will provide you the survey forms which you will have to fill according to your right choice. All the survey questions are given 4 or 5 options from which you need to pick the right answer according to your opinion. Please note that there is no right or wrong in the questions because you will have to give the information about the companies product as per your choice, which could be positive or negative. Such as if you are asked about what product of  Samsung that you are using at your home your answer should be either positive or negative. Like this way, according to the length of the survey, company will pay you Rs. 60 to 300 for every survey form


What is the expected amount that I can earn?

There are millions of companies offering PTC & Survey work through internet. How much you can earn just depends on how much time you spend on your work because there is no limit of the work. The more you will work the more you can earn. Your earning depends on how many ads you browse and how many forms you fill every day. If you work for at least 3-4 hrs per day then you can earn up to Rs.12000 to 18000 per month.

See the payment received from different internet companies
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What Kinds of work is provided by you?

We offer full time or Part time work both, work from home on internet where any individual who has a computer and internet connection can work independently. Mainly we provide two types of work i.e. paid advertisements & online survey and some other programmes as bonus like Google Adsense and cj.com and data entry work.

How much can I earn from each paid advertisements and survey form?

You can earn Rs. 60 to Rs. 300 ($1 -$5) for each survey form that you will fill and average of $ 0.25 for every advertisement that you will browse. Rates may be increased according to the category of the ads.

What should be the educational qualification for doing this job?

There is no specific qualification for doing this job. If a person has the basic internet browsing knowledge then he is appropriate for this job

How long I need to work on internet?

There is no specific rule and regulation about the work time. As much as possible you can work according to your own time schedule. But for a decent amount of earning you should work for 2-3 hours per day.

Should I fill the survey forms correctly? If any problem arises then will it affect the regular payment?

The form should be filled up according to your own information. There is no issue of being right or wrong. So you will be paid accordingly without any interruption.

If there is something buy or sell process in this work?

No, you have nothing to sell or buy in this work

Is there any target or time limit about the job?

There is no target and any particular time limit in this job. You can work according to your flexible time.

Where to do this work?

This work can be done from your house, in case you have a computer and internet connection. Alternatively you can do the work from your office or from the cyber café.

Do I need to work at any fixed timings?

You have full liberty to decide whether if you would work on full-time or part-time basis. You can work at your convenient timings. If you want, you can even stop working for few days.

What are the payment terms and how do I get it?

Majority of the Survey and PTC companies clears the payment on monthly basis. However, still there are companies that pay on weekly or fifteen days basis. You can select the company as per your choice on payment terms that suits you the best.

You would be asked to furnish your bank details like the Account Number, Bank name & branch and IFSC codes. Once you provide these details, your payout would be released via online NEFT transfer.

If you want to get the payments via Paypal, then your payments would be transferred to your bank via Paypal.

Keep in mind that some companies release the payment only when you work equal to $50 or $100. If you are working for a such a company and your income for the month is not the minimum payout limit,in this cases, whatever you earned for the month would get carried forward to the next month cycle and it would get adjusted with the payment for the 2nd month.

I am interested to start working. What I need to do?

To start the work we provide you CD-Package in which you would be given a detailed instruction as how to work. You will also be getting a free website by your name and the username & password to login your members area.

At this time yousimply need to fill up the registration form given below.after this we would be calling you to confirm your application. Once we get your confirmation, we would be sending you the package to the address you mentioned in the form. At the time you receive the CD-Package, you require paying Rs.1490/-only (including of the postal charges) to the delivery person. Please Note! you do not need to pay any thing in advance, you will pay Rs.1490/- to the Post man or courier boy only after receiving the package at your address.
Normally, the package would reach you in 2-5 days if you are living in a city area and can take up to 6/7 days time reaching you, if you live in remote areas.


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What will be there in the CD package?

 An E-Booklet- This will be the guideline as how you would fill the forms online and how to start Ptc ad work.

 You get the Username & password to login

  If you register within 15 days, you will be getting a website free of cost. You can use this site for personal as well as you business purposes.



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